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Here is a link to unbiased and factual information on the current problems with fish farming.

Here is an interesting video on the status of BC fish farming, just six minutes in length.


We are global environmentalists, First Nations, scientists, tourism business owners and operators, and fishermen/women fighting to save our coasts. We have inspected salmon farms, and held summits in Chile, Canada and Norway.

We conclude that the science is conclusive: open-net cage salmon farming is severely impacting the world's oceans.

Specifically, salmon farming is:
  1. Ecologically devastating (e.g.: destabilizing ecosystems by killing wild salmon across the northern hemisphere, discharging invasive species. Depriving wildlife such as bears, eagles, whales as well as human communities of a primary food source, causing massive viral and sea lice epidemics, and genetic pollution)

  2. Socially destructive: (e.g.: leading to worker death and labor law infractions in Chile, threatening valuable local economies, degrading traditional food resources and ignoring the rights of Canadian First Nations, Chilean artisanal fishermen, and Norwegian and Sami fisherman)

  3. Threatening local food security with drug, feed and feces discharge: (e.g.: chemical net antifoulants, unapproved louse chemotherapeutics, antibiotics, flesh colorants, tons of nitrogen and phosphorous associated with toxic algae blooms)

  4. Threatening the global food supply by fishing the North Atlantic and South Pacific to produce aquaculture feed resulting in a net loss of fish supply available to feed people, affecting also the marine food web.

We found that the salmon farm corporations, largely Norwegian owned, are denying impact and distracting the public from hearing the truth in all our countries. We found that governments are complicit with the fish farming industry delaying protection of ocean resources and also withholding the truth from the public that salmon farms kill wild salmon and harm other indigenous species.

The United Nations Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries adopted in 1995 states "As a primary goal, aquaculture development should conserve genetic diversity and minimize negative effects of farmed fish on wild fish populations, while increasing supplies of fish for human consumption." We declare each of these principles violated by today's global marine salmon farming industry.

Ocean ecosystems are essential to life on earth. As such we are resolved to protect our oceans from salmon farming. We are calling for a global moratorium on raising salmon in net pens and an immediate halt to the destruction of public ocean resources by this industry. We invite others to learn more and sign here.

It is our intention to prevent this industry from continuing to devastate our Oceans.

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