About Salmon River Company

The Salmon River Company is a business that was started by accident in 2001 and has grown ever since.

A family member in BC is the exclusive agent for Great Glacier Salmon on the Stikine River, a remarkable sustainable fishing operation. He had been sending our family samples and gifts of some extraordinary fish; not a large amount, just enough for the family and dinner parties. Friends came for dinner, loved the fish, and as the word began to spread we started to order a few cases at a time and distributing it amongst friends. Then the restaurants found out about this wonderful fish... followed by the health food shops and better grocery shops.

Public reaction against the farmed fish industry drew even more attention to our little business and as the demand for wild fish increased our business grew; we rented space in a public freezer facility that we soon outgrew. We installed a bank of chest freezers followed by large walk-in freezers here on our farm in Tamworth. We have now expanded to receive frozen fish directly from BC in our shop in the historic Tamworth Hotel on the Salmon River. Unfortunately there are no salmon in our part of the river, but is does make a nice name for our company!

The best restaurants in the Kingston-Belleville-Prince Edward area, as well as many health food shops and markets as far as Toronto and Ottawa are our customers. These clients have decided for quality without compromise. We also supply individual buyers and buying cooperatives. We encourage people to get together with their friends and purchase cases at wholesale prices. We are passionate about our products and strive to provide personal service to all of our clients.

We are passionate about our seafood and very proud of the high quality of the products we offer you. We are constantly exploring new products and developing our line of specialty smoked fish. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Richard Saxe
Salmon River Company

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