About Salmon River Company

Great Glacier Salmon is a family-run fishery, on the Stikine River, in northwestern British Columbia just below the Alaska border.

It is the only fish plant on the Stikine, and is federally licensed and HAACP certified. The only way to access the plant in the pristine wilderness is by boat or float plane. Great Glacier Fish Crew

Despite being told by many that it couldn't be done, the plant was constructed in the mid 1980's. The mountain side was scaled, a creek above was dammed and water flows down a 5 inch pipe with sufficient force to power a generator built of spare parts. Electricity is used to power freezers in the middle of the wild.

Most gill net operators in the major rivers (Fraser and Skeena) drift with their nets in the water for 8-10 hours and hauling in drowned fish. At Great Glacier Salmon, the fishers drift for only 15 minutes at a time, bringing live salmon aboard. Endangered steelhead can then be released.

The live fish are bled on board and delivered three times a day to the plant.

Within 24 hours, the fish have been cut and frozen. This method is unique to the commercial salmon fishery in B.C. - and the proof is in the taste of the fish.

This is sashimi-grade, #1 smoking quality salmon, and it's certified WILD.

The Salmon River Company are purveyors of Great Glacier Salmon to clientele in eastern Ontario, Canada.

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